QR Fresh

QR Fresh is an air freight service for any perishable products like fruits, flowers, vegetables, meat, fish etc. that require temperature control during transit.

Designated airside temperature controlled areas keep shipment at the correct temperature prior to aircraft departure.

A dedicated team actively ensure a seamless movement of perishables to and from the aircraft.
The innovative QR fresh solutions maintains all types of perishables at the optimal temperature from arrival at their origin airport through to their final destination, thus preserving their high quality and extending their shelf life.

  • Product launch 1st January 2014
  • Hub compliant to IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations
  • High loading priority
  • Quick Ramp Transfer (QRT) at the hub
  • Temperature controlled vehicles at the hub eliminate temperature exposure
  • Dedicated Climate Control Team
For bookings and enquiries, please contact your local office.
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