Due to coronavirus, belly-hold flights to Mainland China are suspended from 3 February until further notice. Freighters operating as normal.
01 Feb, 2020
Due coronavirus, all belly-hold cargo flights to Mainland China will be suspended effective 3 February until further notice. Freighter operations will continue as per schedule. For any enquiries, please contact your local office or email [email protected]
Samsung Galaxy Note 7
11 Oct, 2016
With immediate effect, original Galaxy Note 7 and/or replacements of Galaxy Note 7 and recalled Galaxy Note 7 phones are not acceptable on any Qatar Airways Cargo flight as cargo. It is prohibited to accept shipments of Lithium batteries and Lithium battery powered devices which are damaged, if they are subject to safety recall (e.g. those being returned to the manufacturer for safety reasons) or if these are identified as having a safety defect by the manufacturer.
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